Sunday, April 19, 2009

OMBC Race #2 Vultures Knob

The four of us tackled The Knob race this weekend on a beautiful sunny day in the lower 70's at race start. A completely different change in the weather from the first day. The course was fast and dry Drawing a record number of people. Competition was was plenty due to the harsh conditions of the first race.

John ended the big winner of the day taking 1st in the open vet against a tough field and Wes hung in there to finish 5th on the day. Jason hung in there to finish a tough race and I ended up taking 2nd in the sport 31-40 class. Two races and no DNF's for our team. Team Soupcan is already making a good run in the OMBC.

The race was hard on the singlespeeders because we were sent down a dirt road into Mazeville in a little prolouge to help thin the huge packs out before making it to the rock tunnel area at the beging of the course. Then we found ourselves fighting our way through and around a number of bikers once the course turned upwards.

The Knob is back in full swing again after a couple of years on the downlow thanks in part from a number of sponsors and to the Solon Bike club for reviving the series and The Knob.

Friday, April 17, 2009