Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mud-hican 100k

Driving down to the race we saw flooded fields and creeks that looked like rivers. It had been raining and the forecast called for more rain. So when we got there it rained and it rain when we passed out and then rained all night. We woke up and it rained and held off for like an hour untill it rained when we were racing. Like all god damned day. My oversized ass likes to sink in the mud but luckily my teammates are really good st riding bikes and did really good in the race.

Jason and John went 1-2 in the singlespeed 100k race and wes wasn't far behind. Me and Scream were chasin each other all day and ended up gettin caught in the mother of all downpours in the last six miles. I have never seen trails turn into rivers but seein is belivin' and i was riding ankle deep in flowin water and going against the current to find my way to the finish. I also spent about 20 minutes helping Pat Miranda converting his bike into a singlespeed when his derailer was ripped off his bike.
I'm not a very good sleeping buddy as informed by Wes and Jason. I guess I snored, farted, and tried to cuddle all night long. We slept "696" style which meant that the guy in the middle had to sleep opposite the other two. The firts night I almost made Jason puke from the smell of me feet and the next night I refused to sleep man to feet which resulted in a homosexual hate crime assult by Wes.

Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Wilds OMBC race

Congratulations to John's wife Kristin who ran as many miles as we biked at the Cleveland Marathon! John was throwing his support at his Lady so couldn't race this one. He rode his single speed cross bike around Cleveland watching the Marathon from different angles. I know more than once during the race I was thinking how much more fun that would have been than being tormented by single track. Anyway, the weather was great and it was my first time on the course. We prerode the first part. Thankfully, I was blissfully unaware of the ass beating I was going to take on the second part. Wes and Ryan went down with me and we really had a good time. I raced in the singlespeed class this time. It was a huge class. The more South you go, it seems, the more singlespeeds. I pondered my choice when I toed the line with a SpeedGoat guy that was half my age and several other whippersnappers on unbelievably tricked out bikes. I did OK though. A third place finish. My riding has improved a lot this year thanks to the guys I ride with. Wes and John have raised me like a little foal (momma didn't raise no foal) trying to suckle at the teets of their rear wheel as they teach me independence by rolling away (that barely made any sense). Ryan has taught me to drink more beer. Ok, back to the race report...Wes is starting to feel better after an minor health setback and is clawing his way back to the top. He ended up 4th open vet. Ryan "towpath Larry" is always steady and strong even in the face of having a kid this year which takes most people off their bike entirely. I think he ended up 6th or so Sport Class. He gets his entry fee money back through beer consumption. Vultures Knob next weekend and at this point I have ZERO interest in bicycles as I am battered and bruised.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mohican Wilderness OMBC race #1

This is a very painful course on a singlespeed but sets up for some fast climbing if you can hang in there. Problem is, all the ground you made up on the climbs you loose to the geared guys through the meadows! Looks like there is enough racers now for a single speed class. Thats the good news. So here goes...My bottle flew off my bike immediately turning into the single track. I only carry one at a time so I was parched, to say the least, until I could get back around and pick up a new bottle on lap 2(no thanks to Wes for running it over and exploding work my ass). Although, he was kind enough to yell to me "You're bottleless!" Thanks Wes, tell that to my kidneys. I pee'd bright red after the race and freaked out for a few minutes until my wife reminded me that I had eaten pickled beets (Beets are new to me. I've been trying to figure out John Lorson's secrets of badassness and for some reason settled on the fact that he eats a lot of beets. All-the-while I can almost hear John laughing at me). Well, anyway, there is a lot of new talent out there this year and its getting tougher. Scream double flatted, ran out of tubes, and hung it up. John got 4th, I got 6th, and Wes got asthma. But as they say, "you can't keep a good man down". Wes nearly kicked my ass with 25% lung capacity. Get well soon Wes!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 has started

The first race is in the books for this year with number two here already.Vultures number one was good to some and rough on others.Mags pulled the win in sport with scream in the mix of the top five.Suppan grabbed third in 35 plus expert.lorson had his first of multiple flats thirty seconds into the race.I flatted a few times after soup had already flown the coop.All was not lost on my race however after everyone but me had finished the race i found the highly sought special egg.With that came a concoction from hell that if done in one chug awarded me with a lovely Easter trophy from the depths of the knob.Series awards were also handed out with lorson taking top honors for the vet expert i took third and mags took second in sport. Congrats to wang for rolling across the line with the V.This year is shaping up to be epic. endeavor to persevere wes