Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Team SoupCan test monkeys

Team SoupCan was at the Cleveland Clinic with our coach, Frank Ianotti, doing some midseason fitness testing and bike evaluation. Hooked up to a concotion of machines and computers we were put through the ringer with warm ups, 5 minute time trials, 40 minute lactic acid threshold testing, then a huge sprint at the end. Data was gathered to weigh where we are midseason and look for strengths and weaknesses and to create an off season training plan to get us ready for next season. It was really cool. I think we all felt like Lance Armstrong while others looked on. Its amazing how it exposes you for what you are. Ryans testing just said "pussy" on the computer screen. Mine said "badass mofo". Ok, that was pure fantasy. Ryan actually is the big power guy. John is the "model" as Frank liked to call him. Wes is even and great at everything but over-trains (frankly, he just loves to be on a bike...can you blame him?). Although it must feel good for Wes to know that he can be better simply by training less...sounds like a dream plan.

I would recommend to anyone who is serious about getting better on a bicycle that they check into a cycling coach. I would go even farther by recommending Frank Ianotti. His main office is in Bedford Heights at the brand new Cleveland Clinic Sports Health and Performance Center. He really knows what he's talking about and is an avid cyclist himself. Everyone spends all kinds of money buying parts to improve their bike but no one ever spends money on improving the motor. Doesn't make any sense, does it?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Uptight, white and outta sight.

Lake Hope OMBC Race

I had a great race. Left my favorite shades in Soups truck. Bastard.

Lake Hope OMBC race

The crew was in Nelsonville this past weekend. We went down Saturday and pre-rode some of the course. Its an awesome mtb trail great for singlespeeders (unless your racing). Lots of rolling terrain and no ridiculous steep climbs. The openess of the course and the long road start made it hard to stay in front of the geared guys. Lorson managed to get into the main pack and get sucked along into the woods. Wes and I shot out out the back and were last into the woods. We managed to stay together with Wes leading the charge and pushing people out of the way so I could pass also. We saw Lorson just ahead of us but couldn't catch up. I blew up and road the last 10 miles like I was out for a Sunday drive not caring who or when people passed me. I totally underestimated the toughness of the course. As usual, Wes pushed on and did great finishing just out of the money. John finished 4th I think. The last climb out of the woods and up the road to the finish found everyone "paper-boying" according to Scream. Ryan did great in the sport category finishing 3rd of 4th I think with Scream just behind him. Scream (Shawn Jones) has been racing with Team SoupCan and has been a great asset (or is that "asshole"-kidding) to the team. One thing is for sure. We always have a ton of fun wherever we go. We went into Athens the night before to eat Mexican food, drink beer, and people watch. The horse trailer was our lodging again. I gotta tell ya, that thing is perfect for what we do. Lots of inside space for bikes, no concern for mud or dirt in it, and we don't have a camp to set up or tear down. Thanks to Joe Merry going down with us we had new blood and new stories to tell and hear. Fun, Fun, Fun. If you ever see the SoupCan horse trailer at an event, stop by and have a beer on us!