Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vultures Knob Race #2

Team Soupcan assulted The Knob this past Saturday for the local Knob series race. This one gets a smaller turnout than the OMBC series but brings the same level of competition if not harder. I raced Sport U39 and brought home 3rd again. Need to upgrade that 21. Fun race. Seemed harder than the 1st one. I had two crashes. One was a downhill powerslide and the other was a not-looking-in-front-of-me-hit-a-log-wreck. Soupcan crashed and burned. John and Wes got 3rd and 4th in Expert 36+.

OMBC Race #4 The Wilds.

Wes, John and I journeyed down to Central Ohio to race at The Wilds. Dr. Soupcan stayed behind to hold the fort down and tickle some toes. The course was fast and rocky. If I had to race it again I would of slapped a 19 or a 20 on the back instead of a 21. I'm finding that a 21 might be too easy for racing in general. But back to the race. John and Wes went off in the Vet open class and I raced Sport 31-40. I managed to pull off 3rd in my class while John got 3rd and Wes 5th. It was a sweet course with rocks and roots that popped up around corner and turn that I'm pretty sure took all of us out during the day. Heres a few pics of us climbing towards the finish. You have to look hard at the pic of me since I was climbing so fast. Look for the blur.