Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mud-hican 100k

Driving down to the race we saw flooded fields and creeks that looked like rivers. It had been raining and the forecast called for more rain. So when we got there it rained and it rain when we passed out and then rained all night. We woke up and it rained and held off for like an hour untill it rained when we were racing. Like all god damned day. My oversized ass likes to sink in the mud but luckily my teammates are really good st riding bikes and did really good in the race.

Jason and John went 1-2 in the singlespeed 100k race and wes wasn't far behind. Me and Scream were chasin each other all day and ended up gettin caught in the mother of all downpours in the last six miles. I have never seen trails turn into rivers but seein is belivin' and i was riding ankle deep in flowin water and going against the current to find my way to the finish. I also spent about 20 minutes helping Pat Miranda converting his bike into a singlespeed when his derailer was ripped off his bike.
I'm not a very good sleeping buddy as informed by Wes and Jason. I guess I snored, farted, and tried to cuddle all night long. We slept "696" style which meant that the guy in the middle had to sleep opposite the other two. The firts night I almost made Jason puke from the smell of me feet and the next night I refused to sleep man to feet which resulted in a homosexual hate crime assult by Wes.