Tuesday, September 22, 2009

twisting and turning through reagan park

Team soupcan headed to reagan park to finish up the neo power series. Lorson did what he had to do and took home gold for the series and won 38 thousand calories worth of burritos. Mags ended up second in the sport class while i took my usual spot as the expert book end to lorson he wins and i fill the last money or podium spot which this time was a 5th for the overall points.The time trial its self was pretty good lorson was 5th i ended up 6th in the old guy expert . Mags finished 4th. The organisation put on a fantastic event no complaints of any kind.Then in true team soupcan fashion rounded the day off with a trip to the local chicken wing and beer establishment with some team solon hooligans (aka rodgers and davis).Cant think our sponsors enough soupcaninsoles which has made all this happen, ride on bike shop in wooster, desperate enterprise and cannondale who stepped up and put us on great bikes. Not to be left out is the team boss soup himself who was busy making future mountain bikers happy by giving up shwag to little dudes who like his logo.

endeavor to persevere my friends

Thursday, September 17, 2009

vultures knob write-up by Ryan

Thats the last time I ask Ryan to update the blog...

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Knob Finalie/Power Series

Alas we come upon the final Knob race and the 2nd stop for the NEO Power series. Dr. Soup had to set this one out with a slight case of tennis elbow. Need I say more about that. The big news was John gettin 1st in expert 35 plus catagory which I'm pretty sure sealed up the seriers win and put him in a good position to take the NEO series finalie at Regan Park. Dr. Soup provided good fan support even though he came down with a bad case of gonorrhea and couldn't race. Wes and I pretty much decided that we sucked at this race. Even though Wes got 4th in a though class and I slugged along in the Sport class and managed to muster up 6th place. I think I would've done better if Dr.Soup didn't catch that bad case of chlamydia. But all is well that ends well with a few beers and the best MTB parties of all at the knob with some cheap beer from Dr. Soup and the traditional Knob bonfires that can be seen from the next state. Let's hope Dr. Soups mammogram results come back negative so he can be cleard to ride again!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Manatoc Experience

Lorson wins!...by minutes!...WOW! Man am I glad he is on my team. The rain made things questionable and when Wes and I prerode the course the day before it was horrible. It dried up OK and turned out great. Good job to the organizers and promoters! Wes took 6th or 7th and I took 10th. The sport category was huge. Ryan had trouble with his chain tension and had to soft pedal aroung the course and put his chain back on about 20 times. But gotta give him credit, most would have DNF'd. Shawn Jones had a little bike trouble too but did great anyway. He must have been ashamed of himself for not winning and left before we took the picture! We all got new bikes and are getting used to things. Up until this point we were all rigid. We now use a lefty fork and let me tell you what...descending is a lot faster and more stable and it really locks out rigidly for fast climbing. It just took the right fork to convince us.

Our sponsor list is growing for next year! Thanks to Bob Grimm at Rainbow Inks for coming on! Ryan tells me we can always count on Desperate Enterprises. The Cleveland Clinic sports health will be providing training and tuning up our motors. Of course Suppan Foot and Ankle Clinic and SoupCanInsoles.com will be there. And let us not forget our shop sponsor Ride On in Wooster. The owner, Bill Buchwalter really pulled through and helped us get Cannondale on board! We still have about 6 races left in the year and its still just as fun as when we started.