Sunday, January 9, 2011


Me and Angry vantured down to Mohican State Park to do a loop today and after climbimg up to mile 1 we knew we were in for a long day in the saddle. We met up with Joel and a couple other guys from Stark Velo. It was fun playing cat & mouse and what usually takes us around 40 mins on a good day to reach mile 8 ended up taking an hour and a half. We cut off the trail to the covered bridge and the ascent up Mt. Doom by riding the road. Possibly the coldest ever downhill we have done. major body pain after that one. But looks like we all plan on racing vet open this year. Should be fun as Fawk! I hate blog posts without pictures but I didn't take a camera today so I just threw in a random pic from the net. Enjoy!

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