Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Wilds OMBC race

Congratulations to John's wife Kristin who ran as many miles as we biked at the Cleveland Marathon! John was throwing his support at his Lady so couldn't race this one. He rode his single speed cross bike around Cleveland watching the Marathon from different angles. I know more than once during the race I was thinking how much more fun that would have been than being tormented by single track. Anyway, the weather was great and it was my first time on the course. We prerode the first part. Thankfully, I was blissfully unaware of the ass beating I was going to take on the second part. Wes and Ryan went down with me and we really had a good time. I raced in the singlespeed class this time. It was a huge class. The more South you go, it seems, the more singlespeeds. I pondered my choice when I toed the line with a SpeedGoat guy that was half my age and several other whippersnappers on unbelievably tricked out bikes. I did OK though. A third place finish. My riding has improved a lot this year thanks to the guys I ride with. Wes and John have raised me like a little foal (momma didn't raise no foal) trying to suckle at the teets of their rear wheel as they teach me independence by rolling away (that barely made any sense). Ryan has taught me to drink more beer. Ok, back to the race report...Wes is starting to feel better after an minor health setback and is clawing his way back to the top. He ended up 4th open vet. Ryan "towpath Larry" is always steady and strong even in the face of having a kid this year which takes most people off their bike entirely. I think he ended up 6th or so Sport Class. He gets his entry fee money back through beer consumption. Vultures Knob next weekend and at this point I have ZERO interest in bicycles as I am battered and bruised.

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