Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mohican Wilderness OMBC race #1

This is a very painful course on a singlespeed but sets up for some fast climbing if you can hang in there. Problem is, all the ground you made up on the climbs you loose to the geared guys through the meadows! Looks like there is enough racers now for a single speed class. Thats the good news. So here goes...My bottle flew off my bike immediately turning into the single track. I only carry one at a time so I was parched, to say the least, until I could get back around and pick up a new bottle on lap 2(no thanks to Wes for running it over and exploding it...team work my ass). Although, he was kind enough to yell to me "You're bottleless!" Thanks Wes, tell that to my kidneys. I pee'd bright red after the race and freaked out for a few minutes until my wife reminded me that I had eaten pickled beets (Beets are new to me. I've been trying to figure out John Lorson's secrets of badassness and for some reason settled on the fact that he eats a lot of beets. All-the-while I can almost hear John laughing at me). Well, anyway, there is a lot of new talent out there this year and its getting tougher. Scream double flatted, ran out of tubes, and hung it up. John got 4th, I got 6th, and Wes got asthma. But as they say, "you can't keep a good man down". Wes nearly kicked my ass with 25% lung capacity. Get well soon Wes!

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