Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IceMan Cometh Challenge

OK. Lets start this one off right. I'll give you 4 categories and you match them to the members of the team involved. First, the members of the team are: Wes Jones, Jason Suppan, Ryan Knopf, John Lorson, and Shawn Jones. Here are the 4 categories: "I pooped on a newspaper", caveman style wrestling match, looking to party but no ones awake, and slippery beer tickets. The answer to these and many more interesting events can only be known and truly found at the IceMan. What happens at the IceMan stays at the IceMan. 2 of the 4 events can be attributed to Brett Davis from Solon and his influential friend Jim Beam. Hey Brett, Jim Beam is not a good recovery drink no matter what you say. I'll never believe you again. Jim Beam makes you compare cell phone pictures of your wife and agree that they may have married you for reasons other than dashing good looks. So Shawn had reserved a room at the Great Wolf lodge for him and his family which included child fantasy accomodations...I digress...sounds as if I may be arrested....child imagination accomodations sounds better. Anyway, it was a room with a tree house in the corner with bunk beds. Wes and John, being the smaller of us four got to sleep there. They were delighted. Well, race day came and went. We basically got our asses handed to us by the guys who ride this kind of stuff all the time but respectable finishes none the less. In the 40 and up single speed John got 9th and I got 12th. 39 and under single speed found Wes 25th, Shawn 30th, and Ryan 45th. Wes actually had the ride of the day. He got his rear wheel taco'ed by a clydesdale at mile 6 and still rode incredibly well. He was known as "wobbly wheel guy" by everyone at iceman. Well the season is officially over; not a bad first year for TEAM SOUPCAN!

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