Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 has started

The first race is in the books for this year with number two here already.Vultures number one was good to some and rough on others.Mags pulled the win in sport with scream in the mix of the top five.Suppan grabbed third in 35 plus expert.lorson had his first of multiple flats thirty seconds into the race.I flatted a few times after soup had already flown the coop.All was not lost on my race however after everyone but me had finished the race i found the highly sought special egg.With that came a concoction from hell that if done in one chug awarded me with a lovely Easter trophy from the depths of the knob.Series awards were also handed out with lorson taking top honors for the vet expert i took third and mags took second in sport. Congrats to wang for rolling across the line with the V.This year is shaping up to be epic. endeavor to persevere wes

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